Our Story

Did you know that SHARE stands for Social Harmony and Real Empowerment?Our Story 

Born in 2015, SHARE launched as an organization to empower women to better themselves through education,  resources, and a closer connection to Christ. Five years later, SHARE  has evolved into a brand for soul-aligned women who live to inspire needing a wardrobe to enable that mission. We believe in the power of inspiration, and the more people wear their faith, they will empower the world around them to live limitlessly and increase their love for Christ.

Join the Mission

Simply put, we are on this journey of living the life Christ has created for us too.

Are you ready to live limitless? Are you ready to live a life of faith, fashion, and increased finances together? Then we're at your service.

If you share our faith-driven values, we would love for you to join the SHARE movement and sign-up below.

From the bottom of our souls, we thank you for choosing to go on this journey with us. Let's live in Social Harmony and Real Empowerment together.

-Stay Chic & Empowered