Our Story

Did you know that SHARE stands for Social Harmony and Real Empowerment? 

We built our brand on the foundation of the empowered woman and her most iconic piece —the tee. A woman's style represents her before she enters the room. That truth inspires everything we do and perfectly reflects our customer. She is stylish, powerful, and ambitious. She loves God and refuses to apologize for it.

We empower her to embrace her essence with pieces that are feminine yet strong, fashion-forward yet faith-filled. Because we believe a woman can walk by faith and look chic doing it.


So we did something; we created a circle! The S.H.A.R.E Circle! The S.H.A.R.E Circle is our sister circle where we provide life-changing resources to help ambitious women of faith by providing resources that help them reach success. Our goal is to help more women live empowered lives and move closer to Christ.

We hope you will find style, power, ambition, community, and prayer waiting for you here.

See you inside the circle.