Live Your Life with Passion

How to Discover Your True Passion

Life has meaning. We were all created for a purpose; a purpose strongly connected to our passion. Still, some women don’t know what their passion is or what God has intended for them. If you don’t know what your passion is yet, reading this article will open your mind.

As women, we are often ‘caught up’ in the many things of life. It can be difficult to discover our passion with our minds fixated on our careers, motherhood and church life; things that take up most of our time. Still, there is a purpose to our being on this Earth—there must be. And we must discover it.

God gave each of us talents and left us clues to our calling. No one but ourselves can find our true passion in life.  We have to dig deep and discover them! But where do we begin? When we ask people for advice, they tell us ‘follow your passion’. But how do we stay committed to something we haven’t even discovered?

If you’re stuck in the endless cycle of ‘second-guessing yourself, here are some ways to discover what you truly want to do in life. Knowing your passion is a process. No matter how long it takes, following these tips will take you one step closer to your passion.

  1. Start with the Right Mindset

The major reason why a lot of women don’t discover their passion is because they have a negative mindset. If you continually convince yourself that finding your passion is difficult, then it will always be that way. As a result, your mind becomes permanently closed to the endless possibilities around you. Without knowing, you’ll block the little signals that guide us on this planet Earth.

Passion-seeking needs a positive mindset. You have to start off with the mindset that you can do exactly what you love in life. The best way to get in this positive feel is to surround yourself with optimistic people.

If your immediate family and friends aren’t following their passions, expand your circle. Associate with people who inspire you to be better than you are today. In time, you’ll discover what you really want to do in life.

  1. Ask Yourself Passion-filled Questions

Discovering your passion necessitates ‘interrogation of self’. People make suggestions all the time, but no one is responsible for what you choose to do with your life. The onus of decision eventually falls on you. Here are the most important questions you can ask yourself to discover your passion:

  1. What is that One Childhood Desire that Stuck?

You have to understand that as kids, we all had pretty wild dreams and imaginations. Most of these dreams get left behind because they were ridiculous but some stick to our minds. For instance, many renowned writers were passionate readers during childhood. The likes of JK Rowling read volumes of books as kids. Two decades ago, she discovered her passion as a writer and gave us Harry Potter.


  1. What Gives You Joy?

Joy is a strong word, so don’t confuse it with mere happiness. Joy tugs at our heart and fills our mind with good-feel hormones. More often than not, our passion gives us joy. So, if you realise that cooking or writing gives you enormous joy, then that may just be your passion.


  1. What Energizes You?

Your passion could be hidden in the basic things you do every day. Most times, we get roused by things we enjoy doing.  What energizes you: is it work, volunteering, gardening, giving people advice? Give it some thought. You may be living and overlooking your passion without even knowing it.


  1. What do People Say You’re Good at?

Sometimes we’re blinded from our own gifts; gifts that everyone else sees very clearly. Whenever you’re good at something, people tend to continuously show their approval. As a result, you need to pay attention to people’s compliment. If two or more people agree that you’re good at something like singing, dancing, writing, style, cooking, then you’re most likely excellent at it. That could be your passion.


  1. Separate Passion from Hobby

After asking yourself the above questions, you may have found out an activity that completely engrosses you—something that makes your heart flutter. You may have finally found out your passion; and that is an unexplainable feeling in itself. But it doesn’t end there; you need to turn your passion from a hobby into a profitable endeavour.

Why, because there is no better feeling than making an income from what you love the most. But first you need to think hard about how realistic your passion’s transition into a career is. For some people, a passion is just fun to do, monetising it brings them little joy. But if you want to contribute your passion to society (and you should), you need to determine how far you’re willing to go to make this happen.

There are lots of people actively searching for what you offer; give your passion a try.

  1. Ignore the Inner Critic

We all have that voice in our heads that rebels against our passion. You may find yourself having a barrage of fears around the viability of your passion. This voice, our inner critic, tells us we will fail before we’ve even begun. Don’t ignore this voice though, because it is a part of you. Rather, take some time to reassure yourself that you’re on the right path. You must stay ahead of these negative voices in your head. If you let them win, your passion will slip out of your grasp and you’ll end up frustrated.

  1. Fight For Your Passion

Finding your passion is just the first step to living a fulfilled life. The hard part is overcoming your fears and continuing on the path. Remember, God gave you this gift for a reason. He will not neglect you when you channel it into the right places. Be brave and fight for what you love most. Discover what risks lay ahead and prepare for challenges.

The path of passion leads to success but it is filled with unknowns. You have to take a leap of faith and expand your comfort zone. Leaving your passion is not an option now that you have discovered it. You can be successful; you just have to believe in yourself.

God’s got you!